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MOVE FORWARD 🌀Full Moon in Aquarius Ceremony + Kundalini + Cacao + Sound Journey

  • Go Inward 5280 E 2nd St Long Beach, CA 90803 United States (map)

The Full Moon in Aquarius is all about moving forward. Aquarius holds the energy of the future. It is forward thinking and progressive. It is the area on the zodiac that allows us to pull information from celestial realms. This Full Moon can bring major downloads when it comes to life purpose. Jupiter and Mercury have stationed direct giving us the green light to move forward with new ideas. We do still have Saturn, Pluto, South Node, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus retrograde. This is an indication that we do still need to pay attention to past patterns and see how they are holding us back. In your dreams are you the victim or the hero? What old subconscious programming is holding you back? The energy right now is one step in the future one step in the past. It is time to take that leap of faith and become your greatest self. The future is bright and this Full Moon holds the energy of the Aquarian Age.

Join us for this very special workshop at @goinwardlb lead by Shea Hardiman (@raising_lyons) & Jiwan Dev (@kundalini_soul) ⁣⁣ THURSDAY - 8/15/19 at 7:30PM - 9:00PM⁣⁣.
Energy exchange: $40⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

This workshop includes:⁣⁣
- Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan⁣⁣
- A guided meditation aimed at raising your spirituality⁣⁣
- An in-depth talk about the current astrological placements⁣⁣
-Ceremonial grade cacao⁣⁣
-Extended sound journey with crystal bowls, gong, chimes, and shruti⁣⁣
- Guidance card pulling⁣⁣
- Journaling exercises⁣⁣
- Manifestation prompts⁣⁣

Please bring your own journal and pen and any special crystals or sacred items you have from home. Wear comfortable clothes. Studio provides mats, blankets, props, and tea!⁣⁣ ⁣

Artwork by: @moonchildtarot ✨🌀🔮🌕✨

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