How to manage the rise of your spiritual awareness with those on a different path.

When you’ve begun a spiritual path, or have been on the journey for quite some time, or maybe just dabble in from time-to-time, you may encounter moments with friends/loved ones who don’t understand this newfound love for a spiritual life. Some may be straight up unaccepting. So what’s the best way to deal with opposition? Here are 3 quick tips to manage the rise of your spiritual awareness with those on a different path.

1.Recognize first your own spiritual ego.

Two words that don’t go well together: spiritual ego. It is essential when you take any stands that are within the likes of “I’ve been meditating longer than you.” or “I’ve gone through several spiritual trainings and certifications…” None of this is of ANY value if you’re leading with your ego. Spirituality tends to be optimized beyond the comparisons of time and space.

So refrain from the need to compare your awakening with others.

2.Practice kindness.

My teacher Guru Singh speaks about being kind over being nice. Niceties can evoke the opportunity to be untruthful because you’re doing and saying things that are out of line with what you truly feel and believe. You’re basically following the template of the matrix of life to make others happy with a response, but lie to yourself in the end. This is a disservice to all.

Challenge your ability to be kind, especially when faced with opposition. In this order, be honest, kind, and effective.

3.Understand that we’re all on our own soul journey.

It isn’t fair to compare your spiritual awakening to that of a monk. So even through the opposition, recognize that this person is on his/her own soul journey. And yes, allow others to judge your journey, to be frightened and scared that you may not be the same person as before. Allow others to have their fears as you’ve once had yours.

We are all on our own soul journey. Some people will have awakenings in this lifetime. Others aren’t called yet to awaken, yet you might be planting a small seed that sprouts years from now. The only thing you can do is continue to be YOU. Continue to work on your awakening. The rest, what others think or believe is really not any of our business at the end of the day. Remember, the spiritual path is a personal path. It is exciting to have fellow loved ones on this path with you. But you can’t control the outcome. You may be planting the seed though!