Your Sanctuary

The constant noise took some time to get used to, but built up my tolerance. I remember in kundalini class, we would sometimes be in deep meditation and hear the perpetual honking, it became a part of the meditation, like music, or maybe acceptance, or submission. It was part of the price you paid for living in the big city.⁣ ⁣ So my tiny apartment room was filled with greenery...vines, a huge birds of paradise, ferns, a juniper to give life to my space. Additionally, I had singing bowls, candles, crystals, lovely books, beautiful things to create an inviting space for meditation and prayer.

Not only did the loud noise not matter, it became music to my ears and part of my practice. ⁣ ⁣

So think about your own space. Are you happy to come home or are you dreading it? Do what you can to make it inviting for you to relax, to meditate, and rest. If I can create a sanctuary in the middle of Manhattan in a tiny apartment living on a busy loud street, I’m sure you can too!⁣

Jiwan Dev