Have you ever asked yourself if your thoughts are healthy? We’ve all been given tools, some are helpful, some are not serving ourselves or others. See if you can recognize the patterns, the thought process you have. Is it healthy? This preconceived notion you have of yourself, a critical nature and opinion of others?

Recognize that the other person is you. —Yogi Bhajan

The first sutra of kundalini yoga is recognizing that the other person is YOU. If you yourself are critical of others, that’s a reflection of how you think of yourself. If you have time to bring others down, to dissect their lives and why they do things, see if you can divert that energy to your thoughts and actions. See if you can infuse your critical nature with love and understanding...because the sooner we understand one another, not take things so personally, the easier it is for us to heal. You only project, do you understand?

Healing the world begins with self healing, with self love. With self understanding.  You must learn to love yourself, forgive yourself for the sins, imperfections, misunderstandings you’ve had throughout your life.

Jiwan Dev