“The only thing you will know when you are compassionate and as vast as the ocean, is that everybody else is like a little boat on it. Everybody is a part of you. If you do not understand that everybody is a part of you then you do not understand who you are.” —Yogi Bhajan ⛵️🌎🙏

Mantra, a powerful tool to activate your consciousness and inner divine wisdom. Today I’m sharing with you the powerful mantra ANG SANG WAHE GURU, which means:

“The lnfinite Being is within me and vibrates in ecstasy in every molecule and cell of my being.”

Chant this mantra to activate the feeling of oneness within you, oneness in all. In times when you feel lonely, depressed, not connected, this mantra awakens a feeling of CONNECTION and BELONGING. With the holidays in full swing, and the daylight disappearing earlier in the day, repeating this  mantra will join together the fragmented parts of separation. Prepare to experience the gift of knowing that we are not alone, of universal consciousness. 

To execute this mantra, you will begin by sitting in a comfortable position and taking your focus to the tip of the nose. Begin chanting and connect the sounds of the mantra to the solar plexus (naval point). Repeat the mantra while syncing the naval point for one minute. Try this daily, and eventually increase the mantra to 31 minutes.

Email me for a link to songs to pair with the mantra!

Jiwan Dev