Kundalini Soul
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Kundalini Soul
Healings by Jiwan Dev through the art and science of kundalini yoga, meditation, sound healing, reiki, and energy healing..


Private healing sessions are offered at Go Inward Long Beach, or at your event/home. I highly recommend emailing me in advance to book, as I can only take on a limited amount of privates each month for the time being.

Private Kundalini Yoga

1 hour 30 minutes @ $108.00

This private Kundalini Yoga session is curated just for you. You’ll receive in-depth personal assistance to help deepen your practice. Lead by Jiwan Dev, you’ll be guided with breath work, meditation, and mantra. You will also receive an extended sound healing session.

Energy Healing

1 hour 30 minutes @ $160.00

Where in your body and mind do you hold stagnant energy that is blocking you from healing and manifestation? This relaxing healing session works intuitively through reiki healing, holographic sound healing, meditation, and activation of your higher self. You will release energy that no longer serves you and clear. You will create space for healing and manifestation.


Cacao Ceremony

1 hour 30 minutes


2 hours

With ceremonial grade cacao, I offer a heart centered cacao ceremony to lift your awareness of abundance and gratitude, and allow you to experience the spectrum of love.

Cacao ceremonies have been going on for thousands of years with deep roots in the Mayan and Aztec traditions. Its medicinal properties contain ‘Anandamide’ - a bliss molecule, which helps to balance blood sugar, mood, and create more blood flow to the brain. Also, ‘Theobromide’ - a heart opening ‘vasodilator’ active ingredient. It’s no surprise why cacao is utilized to help heal mental, physical, and the spiritual soul. 

Through ritual and intentional integration of the cacao medicine, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and a deep relaxing sound bath infused with aromatherapy and tuning forks, you’ll be guided to connect deeper with your heart and soul, and open your heart.

I’ve lead Cacao Ceremonies in public and private groups at Free People, Flower Goods LA, Go Inward, etc. I’m available to facilitate for your personal journey, for a private group, or for your event.

Prepare for the ceremony by:⁣⁣

-Abstaining from caffeine 6 hours before.⁣⁣

-No alcohol or mind altering stimulants. ⁣⁣

-Drink plenty of water throughout the day.⁣⁣

-Eat a light nourishing meal 2 hours before.⁣⁣

⁣⁣ Bring with you:⁣⁣

-An intention. Actively think about how you’d like to benefit from this ceremony.⁣⁣


-Come wearing comfy clothes. ⁣⁣

-Crystals or items you’d like to charge during the sound bath to be placed on an altar. ⁣⁣